Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cry-it-out, Night 5

For all of our success last night, we have a big backslide tonight. Gage has been frantically crying for about 10 minutes now. Our bedtime ritual went a bit faster than usual, and he was down at 7:40 PM. It's 7:50 and there are no signs of settling down.

Gage had an accident today involving a misstep climbing off he couch; he fell and hit his face on a little toy truck, breaking open his bottom gum with his lower teeth. He bled for a bit, I gave him an ice cube to suck in a washcloth (holding it myself to avoid choking, of course) but I'm sure it still hurts. We gave him some Tylenol before bed so hopefully that will help. I imagine it is harder for him to settle though, with pain in his mouth. He had a big day today, too.

Our downstairs neighbor had a Scentsy/Miche bag/Juice Plus/Premier jewelry party, and we went to that and he played a bunch with our neighbor's 3 year old daughter. He played for almost two hours. Incidently, I saw a Miche bag I want like crazy. He then proceeded to only take a 45 minute nap before popping awake to play with his daddy. We played a bunch, ate dinner, and took a walk before getting him down. So, a lot of factors working against good sleep tonight, being over-tired and hurting. It makes it SO much harder to listen to him cry knowing he hurt his face today. Heartbreaking.

He fell asleep around 8:45, then re-woke at 9:50... and he's still crying at 9:58. This is shaping up to be a bad night.

Update: it is 11:45 and I can't sleep. Gage fusses a little every hour or so, and I hear him moving around. I'm sure he isn't laying comfortably on his tummy tonight. I feel as if we take one step forward and three steps back. Tonight I am VERY discouraged, tired, sad for my little guy. I am literally forcing my body to remain in bed because I want to jump up, run in, grab my son, tell him it's all going to be ok, and cuddle him to sleep in bed with us. That thought is consuming me right now.

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