Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cry it out, Night 4

Gage 100% refused to nap today. Brian and I decided that the best way to handle naps for now is to just let him nurse to sleep. Because today... he is totally over tired, and a cranky mess. He trips and falls almost constantly when he's this tired, and that is definitely a concern, along with the possibility of him becoming SO over tired that he won't sleep at night. Which is likely where we are tonight.

We had to go to the Verizon store to request a warranty on my HTC Incredible (the speaker is distorted when I talk on the phone, making it hard to understand who I'm talking to) and Gage was a cranky, floppy mess. He fell and threw a huge fit, even though he barely fell on carpet. Brian got him calmed down, but I think the importance of a good nap was shown to us today. When he's not getting sleep at night, it's so important to his functions that he can at least have a quality nap. Once we've got his sleeping at night under control, we can focus more on getting him to independently nap.

Bedtime routine was wrapped up by 7:55 PM, and we got him into his crib with Gee, a warm bear that my friend Alecia gifted us, and his little "Gage" afghan knitted for him by one of my mom's sweet co-workers. We hope that with a couple of comfort items, he'll feel more comfortable and secure. He sure does clutch Gee. It is 8:11, and his cries are calming down, so hopefully he's dropping off to sleep. I talked to the doctor's nurse today, and she confirmed with his pediatrician that the staring off into space and the sleeping in an  uncomfortable heap and/or sitting up won't hurt him. She basically said that at some point in the next few weeks (sigh) he will learn to lay down all on his own and sleep comfortably. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later! She also confirmed that this won't traumatize or hurt him. I have a close friend who has done cry-it-out with her little girl, when she was around Gage's age. She said she had a lot of the same issues with her, the staring and sleeping sitting. But that little girl is 5 now and she is well-adjusted and happy, so that's a good reminder for us.

The time in the evening has afforded me some good magazine time though. I have gotten a lot of things cleaned up from the year I spent doing a sub-par job because I was so disgruntled. The resignation and subsequent retraction thereof have really kind of wiped the slate clean. I'm a lot happier with the job I'm able to do when I don't feel like it's taking time away from my family. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up and focus, and do the job they deserve from me. It helps to know that I'm valued. I got a really nice email from the managing editor telling me how happy he is that I'm staying, so that was nice. I'm working on a big project with them to clean up a lot of my contacts, so that's good. Having a project to work on is also a good distraction right now.

The cries are getting fewer and farther between as of 8:15. So we'll see how the rest of the evening goes.

I missed posting 100 facts about me on my 100th blog post because of this sleep stuff. This post will be 106. So maybe some point in the next week I will have time to write that post out! Look for it coming up soon. I'm sure you'd like a break from all of the sleep stuff. I know I would, haha.

Update: no crying as of 11:24 PM, since about 8:30. I checked on the little guy before going in to bed myself at 11:25 and... MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! He is lying down! Awesome.

Gage slept until 5:30 AM Saturday morning. Very proud of him! Progress!

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