Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cry-it-out, Night 15

Gage is asleep after about 30 minutes of crying, at 8:30 PM. Last night he was out in about 2 minutes but awoke at 1:30 AM. Tonight I'm going to try nursing/rocking him in his room to calm him down, then putting him back in his crib. We shall see how that goes. It is hard to leave him cry at 1:30 when you live in an apartment building!

Tonight we are geeking out due to having received Google+ invites. So we are playing with that! Pretty exciting stuff there, haha!

Had a nice lunch and afternoon with my mom today. Gage really enjoyed running around in their yard and playing in the sandbox at my parents' house. It was pretty hot, but overcast, so not as hot as it could've been.

I made carne adovada for dinner tonight and it came out awesome. Brian is something of a carne critic so I was a little nervous but he really liked it. It cooked in the crock pot all day and man did our house smell delicious.

That's all I've got for now. Here's hoping there's a night of deep sleep ahead of us!

Update: the little guy slept until 11:45 PM, and woke up crying. I went in and helped him relax, rocking him, etc. I put him back in his crib and he cried for maybe 15 minutes before going back to sleep. He slept until 5:00 AM. So we will keep trying going in to comfort him and putting him back in bed. I also discovered that our AC vent in his room blows straight on his crib, so we will remedy that. Maybe the cold air is waking him!

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