Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cry-it-out, Night 12

Last night's session ended about 3:00 AM. Gage woke up around 2:00 AM, crying like he had nothing good left in his life. We lay awake listening to him cry over the monitor, and talked about how long we'd let him cry. We settled on an hour, and lay there listening. Suddenly, after close to an hour had passed with the cries not subsiding, we heard a huge crash from somewhere in the apartment. Gage was silent for a moment after the crash--and then started crying a horrified, almost hurt sounding cry. Brian and I were out of bed in a flash, running as fast as we could for Gage's room. We discovered him standing in his crib. We grabbed him out of bed, and his cries subsided. We went back to our room, and checked our bathroom to attempt to discover the source of the crash. Finding nothing out of place in our bathroom, we went to bed. After laying in bed for a few minutes, it was decided that neither of us would be able to sleep without knowing the source of the crash. We headed to the kitchen, and there we discovered that a figurine I had made for our wedding had fallen off of the area above our cabinets. Secure in knowing what the source of the noise was, we all went back to bed. We let Gage finish out the night with us, because he had certainly been badly frightened by such a loud noise in the night. He slept until around 8:30 PM.

Tonight, we got the little guy into bed about 7:50 PM. We did his normal bedtime routine, and let him spend some time looking at the GT-R book. He seemed comfortable and sleepy. We said our goodnights to him, and Brian laid him down. There was a moment of happiness for us, as he lay quietly on his side. But then he popped right up and started crying. As of now, it's been around 10 minutes, and he's still sobbing. We had really hoped for a repeat of last night's quick sleep, but it seems it won't be so. Hopefully he'll fall asleep soon, and spend the night sleeping, laying down.

Update: He was asleep by 8:15 PM, so that's pretty good. Now just praying he sleeps through the night!

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