Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I may have just stepped into the 21st century

I actually just joined Twitter, what do ya know. If you can't get enough of my special brand of blather, you can follow me @theAutoMomma. Wow, I've been holding off on joining Twitter for a long while now. I only caved because Brian caved first. Ha!

Speaking of technology, I'm working on implementing AT LEAST 2 hours a day where Gage gets my undivided attention, without phone, TV, or computer. I will reply to messages from Brian, but I won't have my phone on me or in my hand. I often find that I multi-task with him and that is just not right. He needs my undivided attention sometimes!

In other news, I wimped out on making Gage cry out nap time. I couldn't get him relaxed or sleepy in his room so I let him nurse to sleep on the couch. He will have to CIO tonight and tomorrow for nap also. Poor guy is pretty tired. I hate to say I've let him watch more TV than usual because he is stumbly and tired and I don't want him running around and hurting himself TOO much.

I just keep reminding myself the doctor said it should be vastly improved in a week! I'll let you know how tonight goes.

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