Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little bit of nothing or a lot of something

It has been a pretty ho-hum week, so I don't have a whole lot to say. I hung out with my friend Alecia yesterday though, so that was lots of fun. We talked about many important things, and possibly solved world hunger. Or at least we figured out that we both like nachos. Except we already knew that. So maybe we figured out something else ground-breaking. Gage's scheduling has been going pretty well. He has been sleeping well at night (not counting last night) and that is at least good progress. We are headed to my folks' house today so hopefully we can adhere to schedule. Last night he fell asleep at 8:15 PM but when I tried to get a drink of water at 11, he woke right up... and decided it was play time. So we played for a while, and he brought a little car back to bed wih him. I figured it would be easier to just take the car when he fell asleep, but it distracted him so much he couldn't fall asleep. Then, when I tried to take it, he pitched such a fit that it was easier to just give the car back to him. Eventually he fell asleep, and I passed Brian the little car so he could set it on his night stand. But he was half asleep too, so he ended up clutching the tiny car til 5:30 this morning. It was an interesting night to say the least.

 I'm almost to my 100th blog post on here. I think I'll do another list post, but this time I'll give you 100 little-known facts about me. If I can come up with 100... and depending on which of my 3 readers you are, you may know more or fewer facts about me, but it should be fun. Brian and I have traded cars for a little while. He's driving the Sube and I'm driving the Max. It has been kind of fun, especially since when we got the Sube back from the shop, it smelled horrendous to me, but Brian couldn't smell it... so that worked nicely. I only don't like the size of the Max in relation to pulling a baby out of the back seat. I always end up either hitting my head on the C pillar or Gage's head on the roof. Ah, well. I just have to try to be careful. Speaking of the Subaru, if you live in the metro area and have a Subaru, please do yourself a favor and AVOID Summit Auto in Aurora like the plague. Other than returning your car smelling like a cross between butt and swamp water, they are terrible communicators, won't get your car done when promised, and may even send it home with so many new problem you want to just throw it on Craigslist and let it become someone else's problem. Seriously. They charged my friend Alecia and her husband money to make his Subaru worse than it was when he dropped it off. And they denied wrong doing. And they stole his car stereo faceplate. Our Sube is out of warranty, so I can guarantee it won't be returned to Summit. Ari, Alecia's husband, did manage to get an amazing deal on a Mercedes last night, so he is much happier with that. He feels quite the gentleman with his new wheels. So if you're in Denver and looking for a fixer Legacy wagon, I know where you could buy one cheap.

Remember, when it comes to small shops in automotive, cheaper does not always mean better. If the shop seems shady, they probably are. I just wish we had had a bad enough experience with Summit to recommend against them before my friends got ripped off. I hate that I sort of recommended this shop and a friend got screwed. I had warned them about the bad communication but of course had no idea they would do as awful of a job as they did. I guess that's about all I've got right now. I'm off to start our day, which unfortunately began much closer to 5:30 this morning. out

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